Daniel diet day 8

Today was … better. Energy level good for the morning – I coped well with a fairly energetic training session with Argos. Then met a friend at a coffee shop (I’m avoiding coffee shop meetings, but she was passing through from a city not too far away, en route to her new home on the other side of the country). I am proud to report that I happily drank cold water while she snarfed down something moderately calorific. In fact, I even stopped and bought her a farewell chocolate bar, and it didn’t even occur to me to indulge in something myself.

As someone who has, in the past, had to tell myself, on passing through the candy aisle, “Relax – you can’t eat it all, and you don’t have to!” this was huge progress.

Then I came home and passed out all afternoon. So not a wildly productive day, and no time for a proper blog post – I’m writing this because I said I would. But if there’s any blogging wisdom to be gained for me from this exercise, it is that I am absolutely not interested in being a daily blogger once this 40 days is over! Writing daily is an excellent discipline, but I want to take more time over each post. Thank you for bearing with me during this learning period!

Author: Belladonna Took

Well into my second half-century and still trying to figure out what to be when I grow up. Born South African, naturalized American, perpetually at risk of losing my balance and landing ass-first in the Atlantic.

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