Pulling Over

I absolutely love this explanation of the difference between grace and mercy. Had to share!

Amazing Graces

I have seen several people pulled over by the police in the last few weeks of summer as travel is winding down and deliveries of college students to their campuses are ramping up. It made me think of something I heard a while ago about what grace really is. If you are pulled over for speeding, and the officer does not give you a ticket, that is mercy. You deserved the ticket, but you have been given a second chance. If the cop gives you money for gas to continue on your journey, that is grace. You are sent on your way more prepared to continue in the right way than before you were stopped in the first place. When you are stopped in your life, take the mercy and look for the grace. You may change direction, but you’ll be given the grace to do it right. Pretty cool.

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Author: Belladonna Took

Well into my second half-century and still trying to figure out what to be when I grow up. Born South African, naturalized American, perpetually at risk of losing my balance and landing ass-first in the Atlantic.

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