How to help Rara

Rara went to prison very shortly after I became aware of her, so I’ve not really followed her blog and I don’t know her. However, my heart goes out to her, and I want to help her. If you feel so inclined, please make a donation to help her.

How British and American beers compare

The redoubtable Ellen, of Notes from the UK, wrote this specially for ME! (Well, in response to my question, which I sent her in response to her solicitation for questions – but let’s not get too technical here.) Anyway … if you like beer (or cats) you will find this both interesting and entertaining. If you are really inquisitive about beer, read the comments.

Notes from the U.K.

Belladonna Took wrote to say, “I would like to know about beer. Is it indeed served at room temperature in Britain? And is it real beer with hops and lifeforms in it, and not the chemically scrubbed cat piss that passes for beer over here [in the U.S.]? (I’m not referring to the good stuff one can get from a microbrewery, of course, but the stuff sold in supermarkets.) What about alcohol content? I’m pretty sure it’s lower here.”

Gee, Belladonna, I wish you’d tell how you really feel. Don’t be hold back.

I had to ask around, because it’s been so many years since I ingested alcohol that I don’t remember if it comes in a solid or a gaseous form.

Beer at sundown. Photo by Ida Swearingen Beer at sundown. Photo by Ida Swearingen

First I asked Google about alcohol content and read that British beer is weaker than American—below 5%, although that will…

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On Being Offended

Rome collapsed because the pipes used to transport water within the cities were made out of lead. The elite who could afford piped water ingested huge quantities of lead, and their brains rotted.

Okay, I know this is a vast over-simplification, but my point is, there’s a reason why the ancient Romans basically lost it. What reason will future historians have for the intellectual collapse of America? When did this country stop even aspiring to be the land of the free, and become the land of the easily offended?

I’ve been wanting to write a post on the topic of victim thinking in feminism, but Tricia pretty much says it all. When you read it, be sure to watch the video … It’s chilling!

Freedom Through Empowerment

I was having an on line spat recently with a person who was upset that another blogger whose post we were commenting on had used the word “policemen” and she had gone so far as to call him sexist for doing so. I at first assumed she was joking, merely feigning outrage because she was losing her argument with him, but sadly this was not the case.

After chiming in with what I thought was funny fake outrage over her being outraged, I was told in all seriousness that my being a woman does not give me the automatic right to talk about “gender-specific patriarchal language and societal constructs “ because I didn’t understand their meaning. Right. Well someone excelled in their Women’s Study courses I see.

The notion that my gender doesn’t give me instant credibility on what constitutes supposedly oppressive language towards females is preposterous. I’m a woman (not…

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You’ve got some gall, buddy

And THIS is why the gubmint should NOT be in charge of healthcare! Free universal healthcare is a great idea, and countries that can afford it should do so. But for crying out loud, don’t entrust it to bureaucrats and politicians!

A Modest Proposal.

I had no idea these stupid, stupid … argh, no other word for it, STUPID tests were optional. Maybe they aren’t in all states – but they should be! And parents should be told that they’re optional! If the majority of parents simply withdrew their children from participation in this STUPID test mania, maybe teachers could get back to teaching, and schools could go back to being places of learning.

I have never met a single person – teacher, parent or concerned member of the community – who believes these tests add any value at all. But I’m sharing this post written by a parent and former teacher because I really want to spread the word that these tests are OPTIONAL. So please, if you have kids at school, OPT OUT!

Kelly Barnhill

Dear Administrators, Legislators, Pundits, Superintendents, Mayors, Governors, Education Policy Writers, Board Members, General Directors, Committee Members, Department Heads and other members of the Blowharding and Bloviating classes:


I hope this letter finds you well. First of all, let me thank you – truly and sincerely – for your tireless work on behalf of students everywhere. I know that we don’t always come to the same conclusion, but I do appreciate your hard work and your efforts.

I am writing to you today because I have just finished writing another letter to my son’s teacher, opting him out of the upcoming Standardized Tests. I feel – no, I know – that his time will be much better spent doing enrichment work or reading a book. There are other parents at his school who have opted to do the same, and it makes me terribly happy to know that not all…

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