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How British and American beers compare


The redoubtable Ellen, of Notes from the UK, wrote this specially for ME! (Well, in response to my question, which I sent her in response to her solicitation for questions – but let’s not get too technical here.) Anyway … if you like beer (or cats) you will find this both interesting and entertaining. If you are really inquisitive about beer, read the comments.

Notes from the U.K.

Belladonna Took wrote to say, “I would like to know about beer. Is it indeed served at room temperature in Britain? And is it real beer with hops and lifeforms in it, and not the chemically scrubbed cat piss that passes for beer over here [in the U.S.]? (I’m not referring to the good stuff one can get from a microbrewery, of course, but the stuff sold in supermarkets.) What about alcohol content? I’m pretty sure it’s lower here.”

Gee, Belladonna, I wish you’d tell how you really feel. Don’t be hold back.

I had to ask around, because it’s been so many years since I ingested alcohol that I don’t remember if it comes in a solid or a gaseous form.

Beer at sundown. Photo by Ida Swearingen Beer at sundown. Photo by Ida Swearingen

First I asked Google about alcohol content and read that British beer is weaker than American—below 5%, although that will…

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