Triple digits!

Picture from Dollar Photo Club
Picture from Dollar Photo Club

Oh my word – it finally happened – I got my first century! Thank you all for your support. It feels wonderful to have people who consider my nonsense worth the time it takes to read – especially when you comment! Knowing you’re out there … well, it encourages me to keep pecking away at my writing – the thing I most love and need to do, yet the thing I am most likely to avoid any time I’m distracted by happy times, sad feelings, uncompleted chores, looming deadlines, and in short pretty much anything that seems easier than actually thinking about what I want to say, and then saying it as well as I can. Run-on sentences and all. (Yes, I know when I’m breaking the rules – I just don’t care.)

A special thank you to Caroline, for being my 100th follower. Swing by her blog and take a look, guys!

Chicken status update

I understand that some of my readers have delicate sensibilities, so here is an update on the chicken.

Apart from potentially terminal baldness (in that it might have been terminal if I hadn’t brought her inside and warmed her up), she is doing well. And she is no longer in our bedroom.

Okay … chicken’s wellbeing / chicken in bedroom situation … I think I’ve covered all the bases. Getting back to Henrietta…

I'll know she's ready to go back outside when she lays an egg.
I’ll know she’s ready to go back outside when she lays an egg.

World Naked Gardening Day

Gardening in the buff! Yes, yes, YES! I have got to do this. I love getting naked in the outdoors, and yet I can’t remember when last I went skinny-dipping. Oh, how it would appall the Nasty Neighbor if I let him see me! (No one else really overlooks our property, unless they’re wandering around their lower pastures.) Thank you Fearless Cowboy for the heads up…:)  Roll on, first Saturday in May…:)