A Case of the Mondays and the Martians

Oh man … I really try not to reblog too often, because it’s lazy (if you want to know what posts I’ve enjoyed, scroll to the bottom of the page). But this just made me laugh out loud. Enjoy!

Cellulite Looks Better Tan

I know it’s Thursday.


But Monday happened, and I feel compelled to share this with you. It’s necessary for my psyche, for my sanity, and maybe so that when I end up on an episode of Snapped, you will all understand. You’ll say, “Oh, well she’s the girl who woke up to shit prints that morning when she was peacefully dreaming about sexing with Adrian Grenier.” And maybe you’ll riot outside of the courtroom with signs that say, “Set Mandi Free For Adrian” or not. Again, whatever. I’m not planning on murdering anybody. (There you go detective. It wasn’t premeditated.) I digress.

Monday I spent a lot of the day working on The SisterWives blog. You should read it if you aren’t already.

It’s summer. You may have noticed that I’m not around much. That’s because…children. They are home and hungry and bored and hungry and bored and…children, so…

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Author: Belladonna Took

Well into my second half-century and still trying to figure out what to be when I grow up. Born South African, naturalized American, perpetually at risk of losing my balance and landing ass-first in the Atlantic.

2 thoughts on “A Case of the Mondays and the Martians”

  1. I feel the way about reblogs–but I’ve tried to convince myself that when there’s something I want to share it’s just as good to do it quick and dirty as it is to write my own post that links back to the original. What I hate is catching a link to what looks or sounds like an interesting blog, only to discover it’s just a recycling bin.


    1. I hate that too – always feel ripped off. If I have something to say I’ll say it, and happily incorporate links that add a different perspective – and that “like” button is a good way to let people know what I’ve found worth reading. But every now and then there’s something that just makes me go “Bwa-ha-ha” – and I figure we need as many of those as possible. So that’s a good reason to share…:) Thanks for stopping by!


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