Chasing rainbows

I’ve been mulling over a couple posts I want to write during the past wickedly hot week, but I don’t like to type when I’m sweating. It makes my keyboard icky. And meanwhile I’ve had this epiphany that I want to share – so those posts are going to have to wait.

Here’s the epiphany, brought to you courtesy of my phone news feed: sad people and introverts are more likely to suffer from dementia than chirpy little extroverts.

Now when you google “introverts risk of dementia”, it becomes clear that many of the perpetrators of the articles on this subject are … well … annoyingly jolly types. One that I found equates “introvert” and “neurotic”; another said it wasn’t introversion per se that sent your marbles rolling somewhere over the rainbow so much as a tendency to focus more on rain clouds than rainbows, only (the article added) an attitude of gloom was more common among introverts anyway so …

Clash Royale Shrug GIF by Clasharama

So here is a public service announcement:

Bounce No GIF

Look, I can’t help that I’m an introvert. More than that, I don’t WANT to help it! I don’t want to go to parties and yodel “Ho Ho Ho” and clap people on the shoulder!

But …

I’m pretty sure I can be more intentional about holding the Black Dog at bay.

I googled “How to be happy” – and no, that’s absolutely not a weird thing to do! If it were, I wouldn’t have found answers – and I did – I found many long lists, drawn up by people who take the question quite seriously, of things one can do to become and be happy.

And I noticed an interesting thing. Right near the top of almost every list was one word: Gratitude.

Oh calm down. This is not going to become one of those 100-days-of-gratitude blogs. But maybe a single post on the subject wouldn’t come amiss. After all, today is Independence Day, and although I’m actively opposed to both fireworks and flag-waving, I’m grateful that we don’t have a flotilla of giant spaceships hovering over earth’s major cities, waiting to suck us all up, or blow us to oblivion, or whatever it was they did in the movie … it’s been awhile since I watched it and I may be confusing the story with V … dang, can you believe Independence Day is 25 years old already? Anyway, my point is, I’m grateful to know the Gubmint wasn’t just softening us all up for the Big Scary Reveal when they confessed to lying to us.

And here are some other things I’m grateful for:

Boudicca lives. Last week the Hubbit detected a Smell in the workshop and we thought she had died, but it turned out merely to be some of Angelo’s garbage. I was worried because I hadn’t seen her for a while – she goes a little feral in the summer – but she visited the Cool Dude the other day and she’s just fine.
Apricots. The first apricots of the summer were ready to be picked yesterday, in time for me to take a couple to Wonder Woman, who is about to have surgery, and who was cheered because she loves them.
Hummingbirds. Some of our regular visitors made it through the California fires last year, and came back for another summer.
People who adopt rescue dogs. I didn’t think I’d ever find a home for Bear, and yet I did, and they send me pictures that tell me, over and over again, that no matter what he does he is loved.
The Hubbit. Not gonna lie, he can be a curmudgeonly old poop. But I’m grateful to have him around.

Five is enough to start with. And you know what? It works! Poking through my messy picture archives in search of illustrations for this little gratitude list made me smile all the way down to my bones. So … feel free to make your own list, and share it if you like. I’ll be around, watching for rainbows and available to smile along with you.

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Author: Belladonna Took

Well into my second half-century and still trying to figure out what to be when I grow up. Born South African, naturalized American, perpetually at risk of losing my balance and landing ass-first in the Atlantic.

15 thoughts on “Chasing rainbows”

    1. The trick is not to think about it. You have to just do it. And allow yourself to make noise while you’re at it. I usually sound like I’m having wild and sweaty sex – and indeed when it’s over I’m invigorated and smiling, but not at all sweaty, which I’d consider a clear plus these days.

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    1. Happy birthday to him! Sometimes when the Hubbit behaves like a grumpy old man, I remind myself how much better it is to have him right there being grumpy so I can yell at him, rather than … well … the alternative. I really am grateful for each of the (many!!!) years he’s racked up, and specifically the ones he’s had with me. (When all else fails, sticking my head in a tin bucket before I yell helps give a sense of … something or other … Perspective, maybe? It can be hard to think clearly when one’s head is in a bucket, but it definitely helps with something.)

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  1. You reminded me of two things.
    1. I am not a Christian anymore for a number of reasons, but I am religious. One of the things I changed as I moved on from the church was the habit of praying for things. My rule now is “only thanks.” It’s amazing how much better and resilient this change has made me feel.
    2. I think you’d like Seneca. Letting go of “the way it ought to be” and finding joy in “the way it is,” powerful stuff.

    Thanks for the post.

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    1. Thank you, Ben! I’m ashamed to admit that I haven’t read Seneca. I shall do so – your recommendation carries some weight with me. You’ve also reminded me that I’ve long wanted to write about where I’m at in my own spiritual journey – a difficult post because I’ve been wrestling with the issue for a long time. I hope to do so soon, and that you’ll engage when I do.

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  2. You’re right about gratitude. When it’s sincere, even over the smallest things, it does cheer us up. I sometimes have to work at it, but it does help! PS: Loved the photo of the dog…

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    1. I have to make a point of reminding myself, but when I do there’s always something. Like on Tuesday a friend helped me with a physically challenging yard project that I’ve set my heart on, and yesterday I noticed that a second swallow couple had built a nest under the eaves of our balcony, and today when Angelo landed his obstreperous arse in jail, Animal Control allowed me to bring Charlie back here rather than leaving her at the pound. (You may have read about Angelo and Charlie in my last post … They’re a mixed blessing, but she was SO scared, and so relieved to see me, I was truly grateful to be allowed to bust her out of there.)
      And yes, isn’t the picture of Bear the Rude is a classic. He’s amazingly gifted at looking terrifying, and is always completely bamfoozled when it doesn’t work!

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  3. Just seeing Bear’s ‘happy’ face made me laugh and laugh and laugh. I find joy in your reporting of happiness. I will try to remember to be grateful for the little moments that crop up in an ordinary day. I think I will start by making a second cup of tea!


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